Library access:

• Emeriti designated as such by the Office of the Provost receive full library access, including remote access to electronic databases and faculty-level borrowing privileges for physical materials. Library access is a significant benefit of emeritus status.
• Retirees who are not official emeriti maintain more limited access to the Libraries, including:
o Access to our buildings
o On-site (but not remote) access to essentially all WUL e-resources
o Borrowing privileges for local collections (only – no ILL, MOBIUS; etc.)
 Note that loan periods for retirees are in line with our visitor loan periods not faculty loan periods
Retired faculty who do not have emeritus status can petition their department for specific access approval.
Per Mimi Carter, Vice Provost, and University Librarian, January 2022

Permission to submit grants:

The School of Medicine requires that the PI on a grant must be employed, paid faculty of 0.5 FTE or greater. This policy has been approved at Executive Faculty meetings and documented in the minutes. Both Arts & Sciences and Mckelvey require an employed, paid faculty position, but do not have an FTE qualifier. In all schools the Dean can provide an exception.
Per Mark Lowe, Acting Vice Provost for Research, February 2022