January 2024
Speaker: Leonard Slatkin
Composer, Author and Educator
Conductor Laureate of the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra (among many other titles)
Leonard Slatkin: A musical life in his own words

February 2024
Speaker: Andrew D. Martin
Chancellor of Washington University
(no title provided; talked about his aspirations for the University)

March 2024
Speaker: Gary Stormo
Department of Genetics and Center for Genome Sciences and Systems Biology

April 2024
Speaker: Jennifer Reeves
Obstetrics and Gynecology
Assistant Professor
Public Health Implications of Dobbs v Jackson


January 2020
Speaker: Dorsey D. Ellis, Jr.
William R. Orthwein Distinguished Professor of Law
Emeritus; Dean Emeritus
An Introduction to the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at Washington University

February 2020
Speaker: John E. McCarthy
Spencer T. Olin Professor in Arts and Sciences
Chair, Department of Mathematics and Statistics

March 2020
Speaker: Molly Kodner
The Letters of James Love (Irish Officer in Civil War)

December 2021
Speaker: Beverly Wendland
Provost, Washington University in St. Louis
Strategic Planning and the Future of the University

February 2022
Speaker: Henry Schvey
Professor of Drama and Comparative Literature
Tennessee Williams and Me: the Story Behind Blue Song

March 2022
Speaker: William G. Powderly
J. William Campbell Professor of Medicine,
Co-Director, Infectious Diseases Division
Larry J. Shapiro Director of the Institute of Public Health
The effects and treatment of HIV and AIDS

April 2022
Speaker: Rafia Zafar
Professor of English, African and African-American Studies,
and American Culture Studies
Black writers and the Harlem Renaissance

September 2022
Speaker: John Bowen
Professor of Sociocultural Anthropology
Justification, Performativity, and Islam in the anthropology of practical life

October 2022
Speaker: Timothy Holy
Alan A. & Edith L. Wolff Professor of Neuroscience
Social Communication with Chemical Signals

November 2022
Speaker: Amanda K. Verma
Assistant Professor of Medicine, Cardiovascular Division
Long COVID: A Cardiac Perspective

December 2022
Speaker: Deanna M. Barch
Gregory B. Couch Professor of Psychiatry
Chair, Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences
The Enduring Effects of Poverty on Brain Development in Children

January 2023
Speaker: Gerald Early
Merle Kling Professor of Modern Letters
Interim Director, Center for the Study of Race
Professor of English and of African American Studies
Why are there Black Conservatives in America

February 2023
Speaker: Michael S. Diamond
Herbert S. Gasser Professor of Medicine, Infectious Diseases Division
Professor of Molecular Microbiology, Pathology & Immunology
SARS-CoV-2 vaccines in the setting of emerging variants – Where do we go from here?

March 2023
Speaker: Kenneth H. Winn
Book author & former State Archivist of Missouri
Former Director of Library and Public Services for the Missouri Supreme Court
Sold Down the River: St. Louis, the Gateway to the Heart of Slavery

April 2023
Speaker: Julia Sakharova
Associate Professor of Music, Violin
University of Missouri-St. Louis
Violinist, Arianna String Quartet
A Musician’s Journey: The Story of a Violinist

May 2023
SPE Outing to Pere Marquette Lodge
Grafton, IL

September 2023
Speaker: William Iseminger
Retired Site Manager of Cahokia Mounds Historic Site
The Rise and Demise of the Native American Cultures at Cahokia

October 2023
Speaker: Jonathan Losos
William H. Danforth Distinguished Professor of Biology
Director of the Living Earth Collaborative
Evolution of the House Cat

November 2023
Speaker: Jim Wertsch
David R. Francis Distinguished Professor of Anthropology
Director of the McDonnell International Scholars Academy at Washington University
Russia, Putin and the War in Ukraine

2010 – 2019

January 2010
Speaker: Gerald Early
Merle Kling Professor of Modern Letters
Reading Small Wars: Five Crucial Points about the Korean War (1950-1953)

February 2010
Speaker: Steven Teitelbaum
Messing Professor of Pathology and Immunology
The Promise of Stem Cell Research

March 2010
Speaker: Edward F. Lawlor
Dean of the School of Social Work and William E. Gordon Distinguished Professor
The Aftermath of Health Reform

April 2010
Speaker: Robert McCarter
Ruth and Norman Moore Professor of Architecture
The Houses of Frank Lloyd Wright

May 2010
Speaker: Seth Carlin and Maryse Carlin
Professor of resp. Lecturer in Music
Piano for Four Hands

September 2010
Speaker: Ray Arvidson
James S. McDonnell Distinguished University Professor
Mars: Current and Past Environments and the Search for Life

October 2010
Speaker: Robert Duffy
Associate Editor, St. Louis Beacon
A Beacon in the Gloomy Landscape of News

November 2010
Speaker: Shirley Baker
Vice Chancellor for Scholarly Resources
Gutenberg to Google: Libraries, the Internet, and the Survival of Civilization

December 2010
Speaker: The Waterman Quartet
Quartets by Haydn and Mozart

January 2011
Speaker: Joel Emery
Executive Director, Circus Flora
The Many Faces of Circus

February 2011
Speaker: Charles Burson and Shamed Dogan
Senior Professor of Practice resp. Associate Director of Alumni and Development Programs, WU Law
Politics after the Tsunami of 2010: Democratic and Republican Perspectives

March 2011
Speaker: Scott Schoonover
Artistic Director of Union Avenue Opera
Union Avenue Opera 17th Season Preview

April 2011
Speaker: Pier Marton
Senior Lecturer in the Film/Media Studies Program
Avant-Garde Film and Video Art

May 2011
Speaker: Third Degree Glass Factory
Glass Blowing Demonstration

September 2011
Speaker: Steven Fazzari
Professor of Economics
Update on the Economy

October 2011
Speaker: Ebba Segerberg
Director of Communications, A & S
The Art and Business of Translation

November 2011
Speaker: David Konig
Professor of History and Professor of Law
Thomas Jefferson: His Life as a Lawyer

December 2011
Speaker: The Ames Place String Quartet
Sonatas by Haydn

January 2012
Speaker: Marie Griffith
John C. Danforth Distinguished Professor in the Humanities
Why have Gender and Sexuality been so divisive in American Religion & Politics?

February 2012
Speaker: Jonathan McJunkin
Assistant Professor of Otolaryngology
Age-related Hearing Loss: Current and Future Management

March 2012
Speaker: Todd Decker
Assistant Professor of Music
Who Should Sing Ol’ Man River?

April 2012
Speaker: Andrew Rehfeld
Associate Professor of Political Science
Why Children Should be Allowed to Vote and Their Grandparents Shouldn’t

May 2012
Speaker: William Danforth
Chancellor Emeritus of Washington University in Saint Louis
Plant Science and Human Betterment

September 2012
Speaker: Maxine Lipeles
Co-Director of the Interdisciplinary Environmental Clinic, Senior Lecturer in Law
The Interdisciplinary Environmental Clinic: Students Learning Professional Skills While Handling Real Cases

October 2012
Speaker: Richard Chapman
Senior Lecturer, Film & Media Studies
The Story of My Story

November 2012
Speaker: Peter Burger
Marvin Brennecke Professor of Biological Chemistry
Viewing Genome Stability and Cancer through the Eye of Budding Yeast

December 2012
Speaker: Kathleen Redmon, Soprano, accompanied by Sandra Geary
Singing Operatic Arias & Holiday Carols

January 2013
Speaker: Leigh Schmidt
Edward Mallinckrodt University Professor
Public Atheism in American History

February 2013
Speaker: David Wright
Professor of Mathematics
Mathematics and Music

March 2013
Speaker: Richard L. Axelbaum
Jens Professor of Environmental Engineering Science
What is the Future of Coal for Worldwide Electricity Production?

April 2013
Speaker: Dennis Ayden
Electrical Engineer
You Too Can Love Nuclear Power!

May 2013
Guided Tour of the Newly Renovated Saint Louis Library

September 2013
Speaker: Carl Bender
Wilfred R. and Ann Lee Konneker
Distinguished Professor of Physics
Quantum Mechanics vs. Classical Mechanics

October 2013
Speaker: Constantine “Dinos” Michaelides
Dean Emeritus of the School of Architecture
Email from Athens (and Nicosia)

November 2013
Speaker: Bill McClellan
Commenting on the Passing Parade

December 2013
Speaker: Eric Dalbey, Chris Hallam, Jonny Moroni, and Tim Waurick
Barbershop Songs

January 2014
Speaker: Rick Dildine
Executive Director of the Shakespeare Festival of St. Louis
Shakespeare in the Parks, Streets and Schools of St. Louis

February 2014
Speaker: Victoria May
Assistant Dean and Director of the Institute for School Partnership
Connecting Our Local Schools with the Washington University Community

March 2014
Speaker: Doug Ladd
Director of Conservation Science, The Nature Conservancy-Missouri Program
Dust, Bridge Failures and Fire: Eight Days that Shaped the (Natural) World

April 2014
Speaker: Peter Raven
President Emeritus of the Missouri Botanical Garden, Professor Emeritus of Biology, WU
Building Sustainability in a Beleaguered World

September 2014
Speaker: David Brody
Associate Professor of Neurology
Blast-related Traumatic Brain Injury

October 2014
Speaker: Connie Diekman
Director of University Nutrition, Washington University
Campus Dining Goes Healthy

November 2014
Speaker: Gerald Early
Merle Kling Professor of Modern Letters and Director of the Center for Humanities
Noon in the City

December 2014
Speaker: Alan Rosenkoetter and Jim Harris Rosenkoetter is Applied Music Lesson Coordinator, Classical Guitar and Teacher of Applied Music, Classical Guitar at WU.
“Duo D’Autrefois” with Alan Rosenkoetter on Classical Guitar and James Harris on Baroque Flute

January 2015
Speaker: Sarnatis Symeonoglou
Emeritus Profesor of Art History and Archaeology
The Truth about Homer’s Odyssey

February 2015
Speaker: Erik Trinkaus
Mary Tileston Hemenway Professor in Arts & Sciences
Burials, Bodies and Behavior in the Late Pleistocene

March 2015
Speaker: Timothy O’Leary
General Director of Opera Theatre of Saint Louis
“Impossible to be Silent” – The Role of Music in Building Community, Bridging Divides, and Expressing Common Humanity

April 2015
Speaker: Steven S. Smith
Kate M. Gregg Distinguished Professor of Social Science, Director of the Weidenbaum Center
Washington Politics and the 2016 Elections

May 2015
Speaker: Frances Levine
President, Missouri History Museum
My First Year at the Missouri History Museum and Upcoming Events

September 2015
Speaker: Timothy Eberlein
Spencer T. and Ann W. Olin Distinguished Professor and Director, The Alvin J. Siteman Cancer Center
The Future of Cancer Care

October 2015
Speaker: John C. Morris
Harvey A. and Dorismae Hacker Friedman Distinguished Professor of Neurology, Director of the Charles F. and Joanne Knight Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center
Changing the Paradigm to the Prevention of Alzheimer’s Disease

November 2015
Speaker: Roddy Roediger
James S. McDonnell Distinguished University Professor of Psychology
Collective Memory and Forgetting

December 2015
Speaker: Ingrid Neuefeind, Beverly Platt
Duetting (or Duelling?) Violins

January 2016
Speaker: Andrew Sobel
Professor of International and Area Studies
Myths, Beliefs and the Contradictions of Modern Social Science in International Relations

February 2016
Speaker: Allison Taylor
Manager Education Programs
The Paintings of Sir Winston Churchill: Tour of Exhibit

March 2016
Speaker: Jeffrey Trzeciak
University Librarian
Special Collections in the Digital Age

April 2016
Speaker: William Lenihan
Professor of Practice in Music
Making Music

May 2016
Speaker: Fiona Marshall
James W. and Jean L. Davis Professor in Arts and Sciences
Wild Asses

September 2016
Speaker: Michael Wysession
Professor of Earth & Planetary Science
End of the Anthropozoic Era: Ten Geologic Ways that Civilization Could End

October 2016
Speaker: Leonard Green
Professor of Psychology
The Behavioral Economics of Impulsivity

November 2016
Speaker: Justin Carroll and John Schael
Acting resp. Retired Director of Athletics
Lecture and Tour of New Facilities

December 2016
Performers: Washington University-Stereotypes, all-male a cappella group
Holiday Musical with Lunch

January 2017
Speaker: William Wallace
Barbara Murphy Bryant Distinguished Professor of Art History and Archeology
The Greatest Engineer of the Renaissance

February 2017
Speaker: Todd Decker
Professor of Musicology, Chair Department of Music
Fred Astaire, Camptain America, and the Cyborg: Technology and the Body of a Film Musical Star

March 2017
Speaker: Joan L. Luby
Samuel and Mae S. Ludwig Professor of Child Psychiatry
Early Experience and Brain Development

April 2017
Speaker: Philip Bayly
The Lilyan and E. Lisle Hughes Professor of Mechanical Engineering
The Brain in Motion: Visualizing Brain Biomechanics and Understanding Traumatic Brain Injury

May 2017
Performers: Gerdine Young Artists from the 2017 Mainstage Season of Opera Theatre of Saint Louis
Opera, Operetta and Musical Theater Selections

September 2017
Speaker: Ira Kodner
Emeritus Professor of Surgery, WU School of Medicine
Ethics: Frankenstein’s Monster and Medical Ethics

October 2017
Speaker: Gerhild Williams
Barbara Schaps Thomas and David M. Thomas Professor in the Humanities; Vice Provost
An Exploration of the Legal, Scientific and Theological Literature of Demonology

November 2017
Speaker: Michael Sherraden
George Warren Brown Distinguished University Professor; Director, Center for Social Development
International Poverty and Matched Savings Accounts

December 2017
Performers: Mosaic Whispers
Holiday Musical with Lunch

January 2018
Speaker: Kimberly McKinney
CEO, Habitat for Humanity Saint Louis
The Work of Habitat Saint Louis

February 2018
Speaker: Guy Genin
Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Sciences, Washington University
Mechanobiology: Manipulation and Regulation of Living Systems by Mechanical Force

March 2018
Speaker: Amy Kaiser
Director, Saint Louis Symphony Chorus
Memoirs of a Left Handed Lady Choral Conductor

April 2018
Speaker: Patricia Ann Wolff
Professor Emerita of Pediatrics, Washington University
Going Beyond Rescue to Help Build a Future in Haiti

May 2018
Speaker: John Kelly
Senior Lecturer in Anthropology, Washington University
Field Trip to Cahokia Mounds

September 2018
Speaker: Lee Epstein
Ethan A. H. Shepley Distinguished University Professor
Washington University
The U.S. Supreme Court: Today…and Tomorrow

October 2018:
Speaker: Kater Murch
Assistant Professor of Physics
Washington University
The Arrow of Time in Quantum Measurement

November 2018:
Speaker: Ray Arvidson
James S. McDonnell Distinguished University Professor
Washington University
Exploring Mars and Searching for Signs of Early Life

December 2018
Performance by:The Queens of Swing
An hour-long show performed by The Queens of Swing combining music, history and fun

January 2019
Speaker: Professor Liberty Vittert
Visiting Assistant Professor
University of Glasgow
How to Win the Lottery and Get Away with Murder

February 2019:
Speaker: Rebecca Messbarger, Professor of Italian, Affiliate Professor of History, Art History, Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies, International and Area Studies, and Former Director of Medical Humanities
Director of Undergraduate Studies in Italian Washington University
The Pope and the Lady Anatomist

March 2019:
Speaker: Dave Peters, Department of Mechanical Engineering Washington University
Boomers, Bloomers and Zoomers

April 2019:
Speaker: Francesc Ferrer
Department of Physics Washington University
The Mysterious Black Holes

May 2019:
Speaker: John Klein, Art History and Archaeology
Washington University
May Lunch Outing – Laumeier Sculpture Park

September 2019
Speaker: Chancellor Andrew D. Martin
My Vision for Washington University

October 2019
Speaker: David H. Perlmutter, Executive Vice Chancellor for Medical Affairs, Spencer T. and Ann W. Olin Distinguished Professor, and the George and Carol Bauer Dean of Washington University School of Medicine
The Future of Medicine

November 2019
Speaker: Professor Jonathan Losos
The Living Earth Collaborative and Science of Biodiversity

December 2019
Tribute to Bach:
CD of a Bach Suite played by Rostropovich for
J.S. Bach Anniversary

2000 – 2009

January 2000
Speaker: William E. Wallace
Professor of Art History
Toward a Biography of Michelangelo

February 2000
Speaker: Patty Jo Watson
Professor of Anthropology
Discussion of her Kentucky Cave Explorations

March 2000
Speaker: Shirley K. Baker
Dean, WU Libraries
The World Wide Web as a Virtual Parallel to the Physical University

April 2000
Speaker: George Johnson
Professor of Biology
A Scientist’s Adventures in the World of Newspapers

May 2000
Spring Outing

September 2000
Speaker: Mark S. Wrighton
Chancellor, Washington University in Saint Louis
Campus Plan: The Next Five Years

October 2000
Speaker: Robert N Salisbury
Professor of Political Science

November 2000
Speaker: Cynthia Weese
Dean, School of Architecture
Architecture, Culture and the Land

December 2000
Speaker: Frank C.P. Yin
Professor of Biomedical Engineering
Biomedical Engineering at Washington University

January 2001
Speaker: Carl Bender
Professor of Physics
Global Warming

February 2001
Speaker: David Kipnis
Distinguished University Professor of Medicine
Dreams of a Retired Medical School Professor

March 2001
Speaker: Robert A. Cohn
Editor, The Jewish Light
The New Administration and the Middle East

April 2001
Speaker: Wayne Fields
Professor of English

May 2001
Performers: Seth Carlin and Bill Lenihan
Professor of Music resp. Teacher of Applied Music

January 2002
Speaker: Yar Mohabbat
Former Afghan Ambassador to the US
The Future of Afghanistan

February 2002
Speaker: John C. Morris
Friedman Professor of Neurology
Is Alzheimerʼs Inevitable With Age?

March 2002
Speaker: Henry I. Schvey
Professor Of Drama
The Lady from the Sea: A New Staging of Twelfth Night

April 2002
Speaker: Leila Nadya Sadat
Professor of Law
Nuremberg and its Legacy: The International Criminal Court

May 2002
Speaker: Laurie Stein
Director, Pulitzer Foundation
Tour of the Pulitzer Foundation

September 2002
Speaker: Steven Teitelbaum
Wilma and Roswell Messing Professor of Pathology
Stem Cells, Cloning, and the Future

October 2002
Speaker: Gerald Early
Merle Kling Professor of Modern Letters; Director of The
International Writer’s Ctr
Jazz and its Relationship to American Popular Music

November 2002
Speaker: Edward Macias
Provost and Exec VC for Academic Affairs
Undergraduate Education in the 21st Century

December 2002
Speaker: Virginia Weldon
Chairman of the Board, Saint Louis Symphony
The St. Louis Symphony: Problems and Promise

January 2003
Speaker: David Peters
Chairman of Mechanical Engineering
Boomers, Bloomers, and Zoomers (Accomplishments in research
universities in air and space)

February 2003
Speaker: Linda Nicholson
Stiritz Professor of Womenʼs Studies and History
Women’s Studies: Where it Came From and Where it is Going

March 2003
Speaker: Michael Friedlander
Professor of Physics
A Golden Age for Astronomy

April 2003
Speaker: Randall Larsen
William R Stuckenberg Professor of Human Values and Morale
The Psychology of Happines

May 2003
Speaker: SPRING Outing
Cahokia Mounds Historic Site
Outing w/ film history on the Cahokia Mounds Historic Site

September 2003
Speaker: Victor LeVine
Professor Emeritus of Political Science
Mideast Briefing, 2003

October 2003
Speaker: Susan Rotroff
Jarvis Thurston and Mona Van Duyn Professor of Classics
The Unsolved Mystery of the Agora Bone Well

November 2003
Speaker: Frank C-P Yin
Professor and Chairman of Biomedical Engineering
Update on Biomedical Engineering

December 2003
Performers: The Madrigal Singers
Holiday Musical
Vocal Performance celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the

January 2004
Speaker: Henry L. Roediger
Professor and Chairman of Psychology
Cognitive Illusions: How The Mind Bends Reality

February 2004
Speaker: Caroline Gilman
Curator, MO Historical Society
A Fresh Perspective: The Lewis and Clark Expedition

March 2004
Speaker: Bill McClellan
Columnist, The Post Dispatch
A “Commencement” talk for Retirees

April 2004
Speaker: Brent Benjamin
Director of the St Louis Art Museum
The Bingham Paintings and Democracy

May 2004
Speaker: Charles MacKay
Director, St. Louis Opera
High Cs On The Mississippi: A Brief History Of Opera In St. Louis

September 2004
Speaker: Michael Friedlander and Lawrence Kahn
Subcommittee of the Emeriti Health Insurance Committee
Discussion of responses sent by emeriti on W. U. Medical Benefit Plan.

October 2004
Speaker: Larry Shapiro
Dean and Vice-Chancellor, School of Medicine
BioMed 21 and Future Directions of the School

November 2004
Speaker: John Schael
Department of Athletics
The Emergence and Present Status of Athletics on WU Campus

December 2004
Speaker: Richard Chole
Professor and Chairman of the Department of Otolaryngology
Can You Hear Me Now? Now? Now?

January 2005
Speaker: Amy Kaiser
Director of the Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra Chorus
Choral Music and the Liberal Arts

February 2005
Speaker: James T. Little
Professor of Finance and Economics, School of Business
Developments in the Chinese Economy

March 2005
Speaker: William E. Wallace
Barbara Murphy Bryant Distinguished Professor and Chairman of
Art History
Michaelangelo at Washington University – The Story of a Discovery

May 2005
Speaker: Karel Schubert
Vice-President, Donald Danforth Plant Science Center
Overview of the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center

September 2005
Speaker: George Pepe
Professor of Classics
Augustine and Machiavelli on Roman Glory

October 2005
Speaker: Carl Bender
Professor of Physics
What scientists and Mark Twain have to say about people who believe outrageous things.

November 2005
Speaker: Gary Miller
Professor of Political Sciences
Game Theory and Election Prediction

December 2005
Performers: Elizabeth McDonald String Quartet
Washington University Undergraduates
Chamber Music

January 2006
Speaker: Walter and Memory Lewis
Professors Emeriti of Biology
Searching for Herbal Medicinals

February 2006
Speaker: Bob Archibald
Director Missouri Historical Society
The Legacy of Lewis and Clark

March 2006
Speaker: Sabine Eckmann
Director and Chief Curator, Mildred Lane Kemper Art Museum
Exile and Modernism: H.W. Janson and the Legacy of Modern Art
at W.U.

April 2006
Speaker: Ron Himes
Artist-in-residence in Performing Arts and founder/director of the
Black Repertory
Contemporary African American Theater

May 2006
Speaker: Bob Herleth
Executive Vice President, Missouri Botanical Garden
The Missouri Botanical Garden Today

September 2006
Speaker: Erik Trinkaus
Mary Tileston Hemenway Professor of Anthropology
Neandertals, Early Modern Humans, Fancy Burials and Cave

October 2006
Speaker: Joe Pollack
Film/theater critic for KWMU-FM and theater columnist for St. Louis
Food, Film and Theater in St. Louis

November 2006
Speaker: John C. Morris
Harvey A. and Dorismae Hacker Friedman Distinguished Professor
of Neurology
Alzheimerʼs Disease: Research Advances

December 2006
Performers: Washington University Undergraduates
Holiday Musical
Chamber Music

January 2007
Speaker: Frank Flinn
Adjunct Professor of Religious Studies
Why You Need To Understand Religion In Order To Understand
The Political Order Of The World

February 2007
Speaker: Ira J. Kodner
Professor of Surgery and Director, Center for the Study of Ethics
Palliative Care for the Old Dependent on the Impact of the Young

March 2007
Speaker: Judith Mann
Curator of Early European Art, St. Louis Art Museum
From the Intimate to the Majestic: 18th Century Masterworks at
the St. Louis Art Museum

April 2007
Speaker: John G. Baugh
Margaret Bush Wilson Professor, Director of African and African
American Studies
Linguistic Profiling in Global Perspective and the Evolution of
African and African American Studies

May 2007
Speaker: Leonard Sonnenschein
Director and Founder, World Aquarium
Private Tour of the World Aquarium (in the City Museum)

September 2007
Speaker: George B. Johnson
Professor Emeritus of Biology
Whatever Happened to Bird Flu?

October 2007
Speaker: Mark S. Wrighton
Chancellor, Washington University in Saint Louis
Research Universities and the Challenges of the 21st Century

November 2007
Speaker: David Halen
Concertmaster of the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra
The Role of the Concertmaster

December 2007
Performers: Elizabeth McDonald String Quartet
Washington University Undergraduates
Chamber Music

January 2008
Speaker: Karen L. Wooley
James S. McDonnell Distinguished Professor of Chemistry
Polymer Chemistry as Applied to the Emerging Field of

February 2008
Speaker: Carmon Colangelo
E. Desmond Lee Professor and Dean, Sam Fox School of
Design and Visual Arts
Design for Change

March 2008
Speaker: Barbara Schaal
Spencer T. Olin Professor of Biology
Genetically Modified Crops: The Controversy

April 2008
Speaker: John Hoal
Associate Professor of Architecture
Sustainable Resilience in New Orleans

May 2008
Speaker: Tom Schlafly
Attorney and Co-Founder of Schlafly Bottleworks
A New Religion in Mecca: Memoir of a Renegade Brewery in St.
Louis with Brief Tour

September 2008
Speaker: Jane Phillips-Conroy
Professor of Physical Anthropology, Anatomy and Neurobiology
Social and Biological Studies of Baboons in Ethiopia and

October 2008
Speaker: Elzbieta Sklodowska
William Randolph Professor in Arts and Sciences
Cuba on my Mind: Impressions from a Journey

November 2008
Speaker: Steve Smith
Kate M. Gregg Distinguished Professor of Social Sciences
Washington after the Elections

December 2008
Performers: WU Viol Consort
Members of the Music Department
Chamber Music

January 2009
Speaker: Clifford M. Will
James S. McDonnell Professor of Physics
Black Holes, Waves of Gravity and other Warped Ideas of Dr.

February 2009
Speaker: Steven Fazzari
Professor of Economics
Anatomy of a Financial Crisis

March 2009
Speaker: Shirley Sahrmann
Professor of Physical Therapy
The Importance of Learning to Move Correctly

April 2009
Speaker: Stephen Legomsky
John S. Lehmann University Professor of Law
Debating Immigration in 21st Century America

May 2009
Mildred Lane Kemper Art Museum
Tour: University’s Permanent Collection

September 2009
Speaker: Alan Templeton
Professor of Biology
New Results on the Genetic Basis of End-stage Kidney Disease

October 2009
Speaker: Victor LeVine
Professor Emeritus of Political Science
Any Progress, Pilgrim? A briefing on the Middle East

November 2009
Speaker: Steven Woolf
Artistic Director of Repertory Theatre of St. Louis
Putting it Together–the evolution of a season

December 2009
Performers: Elizabeth McDonald String Quartet
Washington University Undergraduates
Quartet Aria

1990 – 1999

January 1990
Speaker: John E. Stern
Professor of Psychology
A Current Look at Academia in China–Impressions from a Recent Visit to Beijing.

February 1990
Speaker: David Felix
Professor of Economics
The South American Economic Crisis

March 1990
Speaker: Gerald Dunne
Professor of Law, SLU
Future of the Supreme Court

April 1990
Speaker: Michael Friedlander
Professor of Physics
Current Affairs in South Africa

May 1990
Speaker: Walter Lewis
Professor of Biology
Medical Secrets of an Amazon Rain Forest Unfolding (in the Spink Pavillion, MoBot)

September 1990
Speaker: Robert Virgil
Dean, Olin School of Business
The John M. Olin School of Business

October 1990
Speaker: Henry I. Schvey
Professor of Drama
Revolutionizing Edison Theatre

November 1990
Annual Banquet: Whittemore House

December 1990
Speaker: Victor LeVine
Professor of Political Science
The Continuing Crisis in the Middle East: A Status Report and Analysis

January 1991
Speaker: Gray L. Dorsey
Charles Nagel Professor of Jurispondence and International Law
The Gulf Crisis und the New World Order

February 1991
Speaker: Bryce Hodgins
Professor of Education
Responsibility and Learning: Spontaneity, Independence, and Individuality

March 1991
Speaker: Susan Rava
Senior Lecturer in French
Speaking in Tongues: Ways Students Learn Languages

April 1991
Speaker: Paul Dewald
Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, SLU
Psychoanalysis Evolving Toward the 21st Century

May 1991
Charles Moss Shelter, Laumeier Park
Tour of Laumeir Gallery, Alfredo Jaar, Latin American Artist

September 1991
Speaker: Carl Bender
Professor of Physics
The Greenhouse Effect: Current Findings

October 1991
Speaker: Joe Schraibman
Professor of Romance Languages
The Spanish Inquisition: Then and Now

November 1991
Annual Banquet: Chamber Choir
Washington University, led by John Stewart

December 1991
Speaker: Max F. Okenfuss
Professor of History
An Update on the Soviet Union

January 1992
Speaker: Steven Fazzari
Professor of Economics
The Legacy of Reaganomics

February 1992
Speaker: Robert A Cohn
Editor in Chief, The Jewish Light
The Mid-East Peace Prospects after Madrid

March 1992
Speaker: Loren Cuoco
Associate Director, WU International Writers Center
A Brief History of the Center

April 1992
Speaker: Samuel B. Guze
Vice Chancellor for Medical Affairs, Olin Professor and Head of Psychiatry
The Crisis of the U.S. Health System

May 1992
Outing: Saint Louis Art Museum
Preview: 20th Century African Art

September 1992
Speaker: Clifford M. Will
James S. McDonnell Professor of Physics
Was Einstein Right?

October 1992
Speaker: Stanley Finger
Professor of Psychology
Changing Views of the Brain: a Tour through the Ages

November 1992
Annual Banquet: Sweet Adeline

December 1992
Speaker: Andrew Dimarogonas
Professor of Mechanical Engineering
The Birth of Natural Science: Classical Greek Mathematics and Physics

January 1993
Speaker: Franklin B. Shull
Professor Emeritus of Physics
With Elderhostel in China-Shandong Province

February 1993
Speaker: George Ulett
Clinical Professor and Associate Director of Missouri Institute of Mental Health
Beyond Yin and Yang

March 1993
Speaker: Helen Donis-Keller
Director, Division of Human Molecular Genetics
The New Cartographers: The Human Genome Project (King Library, Medical School)

April 1993
Speaker: Shirley K. Baker
Dean of the University Libraries
Changes, Changes and More Changes

May 1993
Outing: Science Center
Omnimax Movie

September 1993
Speaker: Paul M. Lutzeler
Rosa May Distinguished Unversity Professor of the Humanities
Europe after Maastricht

November 1993
Annual Banquet: String Quartet
Christine Sasse, Julie Leonhardt, Hugh MacDonald, Elizabeth MacDonald

December 1993
Speaker: Jean Ensminger
Associate Professor of Anthropology
Research in Kenya

February 1994
Speaker: Patty Jo Watson
Professor of Anthropology
Recent Findings in the Archeology of American Caves

April 1994
Speaker: Robert M. Walker
Professor of Physics, Director: McDonnel Center for the Space Sciences
A New Astronomy–Studies of Interstellar Dust in the Laboratory

May 1994
Missouri Hstorical Society Library Tour

September 1994
Speaker: Peter Heath
Professor of Arabic Languages
The Role of the Islamic Center

October 1994
Speaker: Raymond L. Hilgert
Professor of Management and Industrial Relations
Ethical Concerns in Business and Business Schools

November 1994
Annual Banquet: Pikers

December 1994
Speaker: William H. Gass
David May Distinguished University Professor of the Humanities
Book as Building — Building as Book

January 1995
Speaker: William E. Wallace
Associate Professor of Art

February 1995
Speaker: Harold Levin
Professor of Earth Sciences
Geology of Missouri

March 1995
Speaker: Michael Friedlander
Professor of Physics
Nelson Mandela’s First Year as President

April 1995
Speaker: Victor LeVine
Professor of Political Science
Israeli – PLO Agreement Revisited

May 1995
Outing: Mercantile Library

September 1995
Speaker: William H. Danforth
Chancellor Emeritus, WU in Saint Louis
Reflections on a Near Quarter-Century in Brookings

October 1995
Speaker: Lawrence Schneider
Professor of History
Oriental Culture and U.S.-Asiatic Economic Relations

November 1995
Annual Banquet

December 1995
Speaker: Jules Gerard
Professor of Law
Social Problems Created by the U.S. Supreme Court

March 1996
Speakers: David Blasingame, Leslie Bradley
Vice Chancellor resp. Associate Director of Undergraduate Admissions
Alumni-University Interaction

April 1996
Speakers: Walter and Memory Lewis
Professors Emeriti/ae of Biology
Jungle Cures in Peru

May 1996
Outing: Tyson Valley
Tyson Valley

September 1996
Robert Blackburn
Former Director of Community and Government Relations, WU

October 1996
Speaker: Robert Waterston
James S. McDonnell Professor of Genetics
Sequencing the Human Gene

November 1996
Annual Banquet: Performing Arts Students
Perfoming Arts, introduced by Henry I. Schvey

December 1996
Speaker: Constantine Michaelides
Dean Emeritus of the School of Architecture

January 1997
Speaker: John L. Kardos
Francis F. Ahrmann Professor of Chemical Engineering
Composite Materials, Nose Cone to Hip Bones to Bridges for the 21st Century

February 1997
Speaker: James W. Davis
Professor of Political Science
Experienced President, New Administration: Clinton’s Transition to a Second Term

March 1997
Speaker: Ralph E. Morrow
Professor Emeritus of History
Adventures in Writing the University History

April 1997
Speaker: Sarantis Symeonoglou
Professor of Art History and Archeology
The Wulfing Numismatic Collection of Washington University

May 1997
Outing: Cheryl Asa
Director of Animal Research
Saint Louis Zoo at the Lake Side Cafe

September 1997
Speaker: Stuart Greenbaum
Dean, Olin School of Business
New Initiatives at the Olin School of Business

October 1997
Annual Banquet: Elizabeth MacDonald, Charles Metz
Viola da Gambe resp. harpsicord, Department of Music
Music of French Baroque Masters

November 1997
Speaker: Joseph D. Kettner II
Director, Gallery of Art
Gallery of Modern Art at Washington University

December 1997
Speaker: Stanley J. Birge
Associate Professor of Medicine
Again Brain, Can We Prevent it?

January 1998
Speaker: George Murphy
Professor Emeritus of Psychology
Suicide: Who, Why and Why Not

February 1998
Speaker: Jo Noero
Professor of Architecture
On Comparison of Architecture between the United States and South Africa

March 1998
Speaker: William W. Clark
Chairman of Speech and Hearing, Central Institure for the Deaf
Bang! Bang! You’re Deaf. The Effect of Noise on Hearing

April 1998
Speaker: Sue Taylor
Instructor of Music
On Gustav Mahler

May 1998
Outing: Behind the Scenes at the Art Museum

September 1998
Speaker: Annelise Mertz
Former Director of Dance, Performing Art Department
A Teacher Remembers: Modern Dance in the Performing Arts and its Place in Education

October 1998
Annual Banquet
Mozart, Offenbach, Rossini

November 1998
Speaker: Mark S. Wrighton
Chancellor, Washington University in Saint Louis

December 1998
Speaker: William H. Danforth
Chairman, Board of Trustees, Washington University in St. Louis

January 1999
Speaker: Jerome R. Cox
Welge Professor of Computer Science
How much Growth can the Internet sustain?

February 1999
Speaker: Alan Skrainka
Chief Marketing Strategist, Edward Jones
Outlook for the Financial Market

March 1999
Speaker: Roger Petersen
Professor of Political Science
Balkan Countries

April 1999
Speaker: Roger Beach
President, Donald Danforth Plant Center

May 1999
Outing: Butterfly House in Faust Park

September 1999
Speaker: Susan Appleton
Professor of Law
Legal Challenges to Assisted Reproduction

October 1999
Speaker: Henry I. Schvey
Professor Of Drama
The Renovation of Shakespeare’s Globe

November 1999
Speaker: Ray Arvidson
Professor of Earth and Planetary Sciences
Exploring Mars with Rovers

December 1999
Speaker: John Bowen
Professor of Anthropology
Background to Current Conflicts in Indonesia

1980 – 1989

January 1980
Speaker: Donald G. Evans
Mallinckrodt Professor of Radiology
The CT Scanner

February 1980
Speaker: William H. Danforth
Chancellor, Washington University in Saint Louis
Update on Washington University

March 1980
Speaker: Robert Walker
McDonnell Professor of Physics
What is WU doing in Space Research?

April 1980
Speaker: Margaret E. Patterson
Producer KWMU Radio Station
Panel Discussion on Creative Aging

May 1980
Speaker: Merton Clay Bernstein
Walter D. Coles Professor of Law
Retirement Program: Problems and Possibilities

September 1980
Speaker: Samuel B. Grant
Professor of History, SIUE

October 1980
Speaker: Martha Storandt
Professor of Psychology
The Challenge of the Post-Retirement Years from the Perspective of a Gerontological Psychologist

November 1980
Speaker: Homer E. Sayad
Senior Vice President, Mark Twain Bancshares
Recent Happenings in Iran — A Perspective

December 1980
Annual Banquet: Madrigal Singers

January 1981
Speaker: Liselotte Dieckmann
Professor Emeritus of German
A Woman’s Career Seen from Serene Old Age

February 1981
Speaker: John H. Biggs, Edward E. Schwartz
Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance, Professor Emeritys of Social Work
The Report of the Opinion of Members of SPE and the Current Status of TIAA and CREF

March 1981
Speaker: Kenneth W. Chilton
Associate Director, Center for the Study of American Business
Academic Research of the American Business System

April 1981
Speaker: Alice Hanson Jones
Professor Emerita of Economics
The Wealth of a Woman’s Career: Autobiographical Notes

May 1981
Speaker: William Allen
Spring Outing
Pictures of Africa

September 1981
Speaker: Victor LeVine
Professor of Political Science
Africa and the Long Morning After

October 1981
Annual Banquet: Hannibal Bus Tour

November 1981
Speaker: Nelson Wu
Mallinckrodt University Professor of the History of Art and Chinese Culture
The University as an Eternal Society

January 1982
Speaker: James F. Jones, Jr.
Professor of French
Summer Language Institute in France

February 1982
Speaker: Walter Crawford
Director, Raptor Rehabilitation, Tyson Research Center
Birds of Prey: An Endangered Species Recovery Program for the State of Missouri

March 1982
Speaker: Robert H. Salisbury
Professor of Political Sciences
The Washington Community Congressional Staffs and Washington Lawyers

April 1982
Speaker: Lawrence S. Lowic
Professor of Art History
Architecture of Saint Louis

May 1982
Speaker: John Biggs
Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance
Faculty Retirement – Financial Arrangements

June 1982
Picnic at Raewood Farms

September 1982
Speaker: Gray L. Dorsey
Charles Nagel Professor of Jurispondence and International Law
Fundamental Problems in International Relations

October 1982
Speaker: Ghislaine Crozaz
Professor of Earth and Planetary Sciences
Antartica: Hunting for Meteorites

November 1982
Speaker: Fred Thumin
Professor of Management, UMSL
The Birth and Evolution of Organizational Psychology: The Synthesis of Psychology and the Business World

December 1982
Speaker: Gloria White, Harold Barnett, John Biggs, William Mauer
Retirement Planning Seminar

December 1982
Annual Banquet: Virginia Settle, Harry Weber, Marjorie Drozda
Soprano, Baritone, Pianist
Professors Emeriti – Play Broadway

January 1983
Speaker: Charles Anderson
Professor of Surgery, Chief fo Renal Transplantation Service
Progress in Organ Transplantation

February 1983
Speaker: Ralph E. Pumphrey
Professor Emeritus of Social Work
Norway – Today

March 1983
Speaker: Raymond F. Pisney
Director, Missouri Historical Society
New Dimensions of the Missouri Historical Society

April 1983
Speaker: Merton Clay Bernstein
Walter D. Coles Professor of Law
Social Security, Now and Forever

May 1983
Outing: Peter Raven
Director, Mobot
The Missouri Botanical Garden, the University and the Community (Shaw’s Garden)

June 1983
Picnic at Raewood Farms

September 1983
Speaker: Nicholas J. Demerath
Professor Emeritus of Sociology
Needed: A Farm Policy for All Americans

October 1983
Speaker: Robert M. Bell
Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry

November 1983
Speaker: Eugene Kilgen
Executive Director WU Medical Center Redevelopment Corporation
Neighborhood Revitalization

December 1983
Annual Banquet: Virginia Settle, Harry Weber, Marjorie Drozda
Soprano, Baritone, Pianist
Chanter Broadway

January 1984
Speaker: Paul Weeks
Professor of Plastic Surgery
Microsurgery: the Re-attachment of Severed Extemeties and other Applications

February 1984
Speaker: David Berland
MD Saint Louis University
Grandparents and Grandchildren

March 1984
Speaker: Frederick W. Roos
Research Scientist, McDonnell-Douglas Corp
The History of Aviation in Saint Louis

April 1984
Speaker: G. D. Selfridge
Dean, WU School of Dental Medicine
Indonesia – The Country Fascinatiing but Frustrating

May 1984
Outing: David Wilson
A New Look at Environmental Consensus

June 1984
Picnic at Raewood Farms

September 1984
Speaker: John Schael, Charles Gordon
Director and Ass Director resp. of WU Athletics
The New Athletic-Recreational Complex

October 1984
Speaker: Elinor Coyle
Architectural Historian
The Intriguing History of Whittemore House with All its Flowers and Ghosts

November 1984
Speaker: Patty Towle
State Regent DAR
The Daughters of the American Revolution Then and Now

December 1984
Annual Banquet

January 1985
Speaker: Ira Hirsh
Professor of Psychology
Patterns of Sound

February 1985
Speaker: Stuart Kornfeld
Professor of Medicine
Forty Years after Hiroshima

March 1985
Speaker: Glenn Conroy
Professor of Anatomy and Anthropology
Fossil Evidence of Human Evolution in Africa

April 1985
Speaker: Gerald Dunne
Professor of Law, SLU
The Next Supreme Court

May 1985
Outing: Alwyn H. Gentry
Ph.D. Mobot
Tropical Deforestation

June 1985
Picnic at Raewood Farms

October 1085
Speaker: Lawrence Kriegshauser
Professorof Orthopedic Surgery
New Technology of Plastic Joints

November 1985
Speaker: Robert L. Virgil
Dean, School of Business
Programs of the Washington University School of Business

December 1985
Annual Banquet

January 1986
Speaker: Sarantis Symeonoglou
Professor of Archeology
In Search of Homer’s Ithaka

February 1986
Speaker: Michael Friedlander
Professor of Physics
Halley’s Comet

March 1986
Speaker: John Atkinson
Professor of Medicine
Our Immune System — Friend or Foe?

April 1986
Speaker: Michael Friedlander
Professor of Physics
Comments on Recent Events in South Africa

May 1986
Outing: Dale Johnson
The Mobot Library: A Tool for Pure and Applied Research

September 1986
Speaker: William Danforth
Chancellor, Washington University in Saint Louis
Report on Washingon University as I see it”

October 1986
Speaker: W.B. Dieboll, John C. Georgian, Robert M. Mains
Professor, Emeritus, Emeritus of Engineering
Are Undergraduates better or worse for their calculator and computer secondary education?

November 1986
Speaker: Kevin Herbert
Professor of Classics
Wulfing Coin Collections — a WU Treasure

December 1986
Annual Banquet

January 1987
Speaker: Max Poll
President of Barnes Hospital
The Academic Medical Center Future in the New Health Care Environment

February 1987
Speaker: Clayton Mudd
President, The Council of World Affairs
The United States and the Soviet Union

March 1987
Speaker: Leonard Berg
Professor of Medicine
Research regarding Alzheimer’s Desease

April 1987
Speaker: Herbert Weitman
Director of Photographic Services
This is What I do

May 1987
Outing: Richard W. Coles
Professor of Biology, Director of Tyson Research Center
Tyson Research Center -2000 Acres of Fauna, Flora and Fun

September 1987
Speaker: W. Maxwell Cowan
Provost, WU
The Universtiy, Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.

October 1987
Speaker: John C. Georgian
Professor Emeritus of Engineering
My Experience Teaching Engineering in India

November 1987
Speaker: Albert W. Levi
David May Distinguished University Professor of the Humanities
Should the University Teach Morals?

December 1987
Annual Banquet

January 1988
Speaker: Sol L. Garfield
Professor of Psychology
Current Research in Psychotherapy

February 1988
Speaker: Joe F. Evans
Associate Vice Chancellor for Business Affairs

March 1988
Speaker: Bernard D. Reams
Acting Dean of Libraries
The University and the Libraries

April 1988
Speaker: M. Frederic Volkman
Associate Vice Chancellor and Director of Public Relations
Will Washington Unversity be a Household Name by the Tweny-first Century

May 1988
Outing: Visit of SLAM
Beaux Arts Café
Guided Tour

September 1988
Speaker: Samuel B. Guze
Vice Chancellor for Medical Affairs, Olin Professor and Head of Psychiatry
Medicine and Medical Education: Realities and Challenges

October 1988
Speaker: Thomas F. Eagleton
University Professor of Public Affairs and Political Science
Topics Pertinent to the Forthcoming Election

November 1988
Speaker: Annual Banquet: Madrigal Singers
Washington University, led by John Schuler
Washinton University Madrigal Singers

December 1988
Speaker: Clifford Jordan
Assistant Director of Psychological Services, Malcolm Bliss Hospital
The Adult Rape Victim in Contemporary American Society

February 1989
Speaker: Peter Riesenberg
Professor of History
The Issue of “Western Civilization”

March 1989
Speaker: Max J Okenfuss
Associate Professor of History
Thinking about Gorbachev

April 1989
Speaker: Thomas H. Eliot
Former Chancellor of Washington University
Beggar and Choosers

May 1989
Outing: Peter Raven
Director MoBot and Englemann Professor of Botany
Deforestration and Changes in Global Environment (in the Beaumont Room, MoBot)

September 1989
Speaker: Martin H. Israel
Dean of Faculty, Arts and Sciences
Planning for Arts and Sciences at Washinton University

October 1989
Speaker: Jerome R. Cox
Welge Professor of Computer Science
Computers in the Practice of Medicine

November 1989
Annual Banquet: Madrigal Singers
Students from School of Music

December 1989
Speaker: Ralph E. Morrow
Professor of History and former Provost
Some Things about Washington University I have Learned in Writing its History

1978 – 1980

Organizing Committee Sessions
Constitution and Bylaws

April 1978
Charter Members First Meeting
Adoption of Constitution and Bylaws

May 1978
Speaker: Buford Pickens
Professor of Architecture
Intimate History of the Campus of WU and Its Edifice Complex

September 1978
Committee on Rights and Privileges Report

October 1978
Speaker: Merton Clay Bernstein
Professor of Law
Pending Provision at the Federal Level regarding Professional Retirement

November 1978
Speaker: James A. Simmons
Professor of Psychology
Bat and Sonar

December 1978
Annual Banquet: Baroque Chamber Music Ensemble
First Annual Banquet

January 1979
Speaker: Sam D. Soule MD
In Some of Darwin’s Footsteps: Ecuador and Galapagos

February 1979
Speaker: Thomas H. Eliot
Chancellor Emeritus, WU in Saint Louis
The Constitution in the Classroom

March 1979
Council Spring Business Meeting

April 1979
Speaker: Samuel B. Guze
Vice-Chancellor of Medical Affairs
University Perspectives from the Medical Centre

May 1979
May Party – Champagne Punch with Lunch Following

September 1979
Speaker: T.E. Sandel
Professor of Psychology
China Observed After the Cultural Revolution

October 1979
Speaker: Peter R. Phillips
Professor of Physics
Beyond Matter? — Physical Science and Psychical Research

November 1979
Speaker: Curtis Brostron
Former Chief of Police, Saint Louis
Police Protection Today

December 1979
Annual Banquet