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The Future of Cancer Care

September 14, 2015
12:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Timothy Eberlein

Spencer T. and Ann W. Olin Distinguished Professor and
Director, The Alvin J. Siteman Cancer Center
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Date: September 14, 2015
Time: 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm
Venue: Whittemore House

Abstract: These are challenging times to do cancer research with declining cancer funding and declining cancer specialists per capita. However, we are on the cusp of redefining the way we think of cancer care and cancer research. This is due to the explosive growth of technology in the field of genomics. Through multidisciplinary teams we are now beginning to see application of genomic information in the treatment of patients with breast cancer, lung cancer, leukemia and other tumors. For sure, we are making strides toward a more “personalized medicine”. Similarly, in immunology, we are beginning to unlock the secrets to utilizing immune therapies as an additional approach toward the treatment of cancer.

What can we do? 1. Practice multidisciplinary care which is patient centered, more efficient, and emphasizes the continuum of care. 2. Participate in clinical trials especially therapeutic clinical trials. Surgeons have a unique vantage point. They often are the primary contact with a newly diagnosed solid tumor; therefore, they have the ability to accrue patients to therapeutic trials. 3. Utilize risk adjusted data to improve quality outcomes and patient safety. We are on the cusp of redefining how we think about cancer. Integrating these cutting-edge approaches to every day cancer care will maintain our specialty at the leadership of cancer patient care.



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